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Performance Improvement

Since performance improvement is a holistic approach to business success, the process involves in-depth interviews and observations.

Following the analysis, the consultant(s) will provide specific recommendations for increasing ROI. Depending on the solutions, GSCC may provide training, 360 feedback and coaching or other services.

The goal is to help your business be successful.

Evaluation Worksheet

Design and deliver training


Performance DNA

A Performance DNA analysis is part of the broader Human Performance Improvement (HPI) process.

It involves clarifying business objectives and then conducting a holistic, detailed examination of the existing business practices.

The intent is to improve a business's ROI by replicating successful processes throughout the organization.

Performance DNA Brochure



The 360 Feedback Instrument

As part of the recommendation, completion of 360 Degree feedback tools may be suggested.

This powerful tool is combined with executive coaching sessions to analyze the feedback provided by peers, direct reports, supervisors, friends and family.

The objective is to identify successful strategies for success.